Hi everyone! I want to use this opportunity to thank every single one of you guys that have supported us one way or the other since we launched this project. First of all I want to start by apologizing about the long period of time with shipping, the confirmation email server crash and late response time with support emails and phone calls. Please accept our deep and sincere apology.

The Issue? It was during January ending and beginning of February that we had issues with our order fulfillment people concerning shipment and we worked very hard to get that issue resolved or we thought that we got it resolved. Items were shipped out very late, most of you waited so very long to receive your orders and many orders were lost. But they finally shipped out all the orders and then we went ahead and launched a new promotion with the hopes that our fulfillment people will be up to the task but they couldn’t keep up to our agreement and promise due to excess orders in a short period but we have been working with them everyday to have as many orders shipped out as fast as possible. We are still on it however, we will be done with them as soon as every last one of the orders are shipped out. I want to once again apologize for not keeping up to our promises with our shipping and delivery time.

Our solution to this shipping nightmare? We have decided that from now on, we will handle all shipments by ourselves therefore, we have employed a few hands to help out. Now we will take very good care of your orders and make sure that each of your orders go out to the right address and on time and what you ordered for will be delivered in good conditions.

Time of shipping and delivery? Since we are now handling all shipments by ourselves, please allow 3 days of each promo (Promo launch Lasts For 3 Days) that we launch to end and at the end of the promo, we will start to process and package all the orders and ship out through USPS. That means that we will need at least 5 to 7 days for us to process and package the orders and deliver to the post office (USPS). Then it will take 2 to 4 days for USPS to deliver your orders to you. So overall, please allow 10 to 15 days to receive your order once you make a purchase during our promo launches.

So this shipping process was what we had planned with the fulfillment people but it never worked out as we agreed on and that is why we have no other choice than to fire them and bring the fulfillment in-house. And now we can be able to handle your orders with care and make sure that whatever you ordered will be sent to you as you have requested and in time.

Order confirmation email crash? Once again, another apology to everyone who did not receive an order confirmation email after purchase. I want to use this opportunity to say sorry and ask for your forgiveness! Yes our email service could not send order confirmation emails half way for some reason I have no idea of but now, it has all been resolved and working perfectly 🙂

Scam Accusations? Well, they are all false accusations and has no truth in them! We are a new company started by me and my best friend Joyce. We are not here to scam anyone or collect shipping fee or collect credit card details as most of the accusations state. We don’t even have access to your credit card details as we opted not to have them saved on our database when we applied for our merchant account/payment gateway. So we don’t save/store any of that information. We are here to provide you with the best affordable jewelry deals for gifting and personal use purposes.

About stealing or selling your contact/shipping address information? No we don’t do that and have no intention of selling your shipping information. We only collect your shipping address to ship out your orders only and your billing address is required for our payment gateway to verify your credit card purchase.

About not using Paypal? We had Paypal installed initially but since it was a new business account and lots of transactions within a short period, we got limited and that is definitely not good for business. But we plan to get Paypal setup again very soon.

About not having any reviews online and no social media presence? Well, we are a new company and we are still trying our best; however we can only get reviews from our customers who have bought and received their orders and willing to drop us a review. And for social media presence, we are also working to have Facebook and Instagram pages setup for our business and also dedicate some time to update them.

Customer support emails and phone calls not getting attended to in time? We are trying our best everyday to answer over 200 to 300 emails some days. I’m not trying to give any excuses but we are just two moms trying to put everything in order. If your email has not been replied to and or you have not received a call back, please bare with us as we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

I want to once again apologize for all the delays and inconveniences. We will definitely make it right by you! Thank you very much for your continuous support and God bless you!